We support a number of initiatives associated to various degrees with the operations of the Law Office. We present some of these below.

Allerhand Institute

Joanna Matczuk is a member of the Allerhand Institute as part of the Intellectual Property Law Section.

The Allerhand Institute is an independent scientific institute conducting inter-disciplinary and comparative studies over the role of legal institutions in the formation and operations of markets, both from the point of view of the given regulation as well as within the institutional framework of its creation.

Industrial Property Law Section at the District Bar Association in Warsaw

Joanna Matczuk is the Vice-President of the Industrial Property Law Section at the District Bar Association in Warsaw. This section is one of the thematic sections of legal practitioners founded by members of the District Bar Associations on the basis of the Regulations for the organization and operation of District Bar Associations, after the change of this act in 2016 by the Supreme Bar Council. Their goal is to promote and deepen the knowledge and professional experience of section members in a specific area of law.

Blockchain Technology Center

The Blockchain Technology Center is the first research and education unit in the CEE focusing on the blockchain technology. The Center’s mission is to provide the emerging market with the knowledge it needs about blockchain technology.

Justyna Matuszak-Leśny is a member of the Law and Regulations section of the Blockchain Technology Center.

European Copyright and Design

Joanna Matczuk is a member of the European Copyright and Design Reports Editorial Council.

This legal periodical is dedicated to presenting key rulings and decisions relating to matters associated with intellectual property rights issued by Member States.

VOI Voice of Information

VOI is an association of companies operating on the German market and providing information management tools. The aim of the association is to unite the market, exchange knowledge and to provide certification.

Justyna Matuszak-Leśny is a member of the Advisory Council (Beirat) of the VOI association based in Bonn.

PAW Polish Artists in the World – Polish Emigration Arts in the years 1939-1989 Foundation

Justyna Matuszak-Leśny is a member of the Foundation’s Management Board. The Foundation’s goal is to organize cultural and artistic events and exhibitions including exhibitions of Polish Emigration Art of 1939-1989, undertaking educational and scientific activities that fuel interest and public awareness of emigration art, as well as conducting activities promoting the works of Polish Emigration Art in 1939-1989.

Foundation for the Development of Electronic Education

Ewa Fabian cooperates with the Foundation for the Development of Electronic Education in Warsaw directed by Prof. Przemysław Polański. The aim of the Foundation is to research the effectiveness of education with particular emphasis on researching the methodology of teaching with the use of electronic tools; conducting research in the field of information technology and its impact on society, including law, economics, education, science, culture and the arts; and gathering the assets needed to establish a university based on electronic means of communication. The Foundation runs, among others, research on the availability of digital content provided by public authorities for people with disabilities and conducts a series of courses aimed at developing programming education in Poland.